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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2 Days Before Trade Days!

I finally figured out what to do with these ornaments that will not require a lot of hi-temp wire (it's amazing what you can come up with once the stress is removed), I fired these to maturity yesterday so that they would be white. I will now do an acrylic wash on them of a very light color and then seal them with a hi-gloss sealant. They feel a little rough so I will sand each one with my Sand-O-Flex. This is what I am going to spend today doing, sanding, painting, sealing. I think they will be pretty.

Yesterday I also glazed all of my bread bakers so they can go into the kiln today. At least one will be mine and tomorrow after it fires I will test it out in my own kitchen with some bread. This will be the display in our booth. But... look at what happened to 3 of the pots I glazed yesterday!

What the heck happened here!?! I did this same glazing technique on two pieces that I have on Etsy right now. Same clay, same glazes. Same method of application. I will ask the potterybasics group on yahoo that I belong to and see what they come up with. Anyone else with suggestions please comment below. Thanks.

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