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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I had a meltdown yesterday afternoon. Feeling very overwhelmed and over stressed. From past experience I have learned that stress makes you sick so I stopped working and played with my grandson until his bedtime, then I curled up in bed with a good book. Today I feel much better and have decided not to try to do everything. Items that have been put on the backburner...

The Newsletter - Since I have not had a booth at Trade Days yet, I do not know what to expect and figure my booth won't be all that great the first time, so, next month when I know what I'm doing, I will send out the newsletter to announce I am there.

The Ornaments - These are causing me a lot of stress because I'm not sure how I am going to fire them. I need to fire a whole kiln load and don't have enough rods or wire to be able to hang all of these at one time. So these are going on the back burner, I will do them when I get more rods and wire and I guess they will be next years Christmas item.

Removing these two items has taken a heavy load off of me and now I believe I can function. I am also looking at this month's Trade Days as a learning experience not a selling one. This is a trail run and I have changed my expectations. Sales will be the bonus, my goal this month will be to see what this Trade Days thing is all about and to see how I can make this into a profitable avenue for my pottery.

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