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Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday before Trade Days

We are in high gear for Trade Days coming up this weekend. Yesterday I fired the last load of ornaments and we started glazing the stars and some porcelain beads. Today I will need to make 'S' hangers for each one since we glazed both sides. I have some hi-fire wire and some kiln rods so my plan is to hang each piece, using the wire, across the rod and hope everything works out. Since these are fired at cone 2, not my usual cone, I will need to fill the kiln up with these and hope it's not a disaster. I would love to do a test first, but I can't fire a whole kiln for one small test.
Yesterday I also trimmed these saucers for the herb pots I made. I will have to speed dry them in my oven today so I can bisque fire them. The kiln is going to be scheduled very tightly this week.
Today I also need to start glazing these - some are herb pots, some are mini bread bakers. I think I will start with a couple of each and glaze them in the new 'Worldly' look I'm doing these days.

I have 5 small red clay pots that need to be designed. They are leather hard and ready for slip. I want to work on 1 at a time - these will be art pots and will sell for a minimum of $25.

Today I need to create my newsletter announcing that I will be at Trade Days this weekend. I want it to email out tomorrow.

I also have to work about 4 hours at my 'paying' job today so here is my to-do list for today:

Work 4 hours at my 'paying' job

Make wire hangers

speed dry pots

slip 1 red clay pot

stain and glaze 4 pots

glaze more ornaments

fire whatever's ready

Work on newsletter

Already today I have updated my website, added an item to my Etsy store, and did this blog. It's going to be a busy week!!

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