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Monday, November 12, 2007

Good Morning!

It is Monday, and on Mondays I do my office work. This includes any marketing I need to do, adding items to Etsy, updating my web page, anything my paying job requires, anything my volunteer job requires, my personal bills and any other office work my hubby can think of. It is also the day I do laundry and grocery shop. So, you can see my Mondays are very busy...but I plan it this way so that the rest of my week can be spent productively. This is the plan, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

My goal today is to add 4 items to my Etsy store. I would like to add 1 red clay item, 1 stoneware item, 1 porcelain item and 1 item of choice.

My goal for the week is to bisque fire every piece of greenware I have that is ready. This will probably take two loads. I have 2 special orders that need to go in and then items that my friend wants me to fire. She has been far more productive than I have lately rendering me very jealous.

For fun this week I purchased 3 bags of porcelain over the weekend that I want to make pendants with. The only cone 6 porcelain my supplier had in stock was these 3 bags that she received in error. They had been sitting around for a while and were quite stiff. She sold them to me for half price at $5 a bag. I will need to soften them up before I use them. My daughter makes beaded jewelry and is starting her own Etsy store and we would like to combine our two talents to create a different line of jewelry. She also is thinking of adding beads to some of my vases, maybe adding a beaded collar around the neck. This will be fun for both of us and I am looking forward to it.

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