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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Clay Buddy

Today my clay buddy is coming over - in 30 minutes actually. She comes over once a week to play in my studio. She has a kickwheel at home and has been dabbling in clay for about a year now. She started by taking a lesson in my studio and has been hooked ever since. We inspire each other and feed off of each others enthusiasm. It's a good shot in the arm for both of usI did a bisque fire last night to test one of my handled jugs. The rest of the kiln load was hers. She is going to be very excited. Oops! Actually she won't. I just ran out to the kiln to take a picture of its contents and this is what I saw ...

an exploded pot. Too thick on the bottom I would say. My clay buddy just arrived and is cleaning up the mess as we speak. Gotta go.

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